Destiny 2 wallpaper collection and atmospheric images

Published: 17:24, 25 December 2020
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is filled to the brim with beautiful scenery and atmospheric moments that you might easily miss due to focusing on HUD. We prepared a collection of images that may help you find a nice themed wallpaper without all that clutter.

Bungie have two consistently strong suits in Destiny 2 - gunplay and breathtaking environments. In the case of the latter, these scenes are often missed due to the game having enough HUD elements to hide Shaxx in a gaggle of Hunters. 

Thankfully, the community often finds a way past this barrier and we get to witness the beauty Bungie's environmental artists create and sometimes these shots pose as amazing wallpapers. This article should point you to places where you can find these easily and offer our own collection of bespoke and atmospheric imagery that could serve the same purpose.

Some of the best shots in recent memory come from DuskHound, a YouTuber with a keen eye for pretty moments in Destiny 2. His collection of wallpapers comes from the events that preceded the launch of Beyond Light, when the Traveler awoke and provided some imagery that will undoubtedly find its way to many a desktop.

Another community member, going by Washloche on Reddit, specifically went to create wallpapers for both mobile devices and monitors . The theme was the tree on Io, which is now unavailable after the location was vaulted but we get to see some of the most beautiful scenery from the location and possibly keep it as our wallpaper.

Reddit community also saw a huge collection from michalmarek77, mostly consisting of HUDless images that may still have a gun blocking some of the view. Then again, these are worth checking out even if the weapon throws you off from using any of the pictures as wallpapers.

If that pile of great shots was not enough and you are still looking for more Destiny 2 scenes, check out r/Hudlessdestiny , which continually gets more high-quality pictures with wallpaper potential.

To put a cherry on top, AltChar also captured a few images that caught our eye during either gameplay or cutscenes and they are all at your disposal.

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