Cyberpunk 2077: Guide to romancing Judy as male V or Panam as female

Published: 15:28, 05 January 2021
CD Projekt Red
Cyberpunk 2077 - Judy Alvarez
Cyberpunk 2077 - Judy Alvarez

CD Projekt Red restricted romances in Cyberpunk 2077 based on characters' preferences but that didn't stop modders from making additional combinations possible.

Romancing Judy Alvarez and Panam Palmer has certain requirements when it comes to V's body type and voice. In the case of Judy, V needs to have the feminine body type and female voice while Panam requires masculine body type and any kind of voice.

However, while these obstacles may be impossible to bypass on consoles, PC users have already had the chance to experience both romantic encounters without fulfilling the conditions mentioned above. This is thanks to mods and scouring of the leftover data in the game files. 

To make Judy or Panam romanceable while you have incompatible body or voice, you will need the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod which will add the console function.

When you get the ability to use the in-game console, press the tilde key to open it and paste the necessary code for the romantic encounter in question:

  • Judy:  "for i, v in next, {"judy"} do    Game.GetQuestsSystem():SetFactStr(v.."_romanceable", 1) end"
  • Panam "for i, v in next, {"panam"} do    Game.GetQuestsSystem():SetFactStr(v.."_romanceable", 1) end"

The code is only the part between the quotation marks so don't copy them as well.

Fredrick Flower, the modder from the video below demonstrated that this method works fairly well with Judy as it doesn't appear to have game-breaking consequences.

As for Panam, it remains to be seen how well the method works but Fredrick did note it's possible to use it. Furthermore, this bypass will not change the animation during the sexual encounter so it might look a little weird if the body type you picked doesn't quite work well in certain circumstances.

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