Can't enter Kosatka in GTA Online? Here is a fix

Published: 21:15, 01 February 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Delivering heist gear to Kosatka
GTA Online - Delivering heist gear to Kosatka

Cayo Perico heist can sometimes run into problems before it even begins and one such issue is a bug that prevents you from delivering prep equipment to Kosatka.

Flying around Los Santos, or even worse - driving, for the Cayo Perico heist preps is a bit of a chore. However, it's even worse when you reach the final objective of the prep mission and it bugs out, leaving you unable to complete it.

This sometimes happens when you need to deliver heist equipment to Kosatka and the submarine just won't let you enter, regardless of whether you're trying one of the hatches or teleporting in with the Sparrow. It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of this bug but there are a few regular suspects and dealing with them should keep your preps clean and possible to complete.

Spawn location is one of the first issues on the list. If Kosatka is chosen as the spawn location, it may bug out since you didn't have to request it the first time around. For example, if you spawn in an apartment, you will have to open the Services menu and request the Kosatka there, otherwise, it's not on the map. On spawning in the submarine, it's possible the game bugs out and causes faulty prep missions.

Another thing that reportedly causes the issue is flying out of the Kosatka in your Sparrow. Personally, I didn't encounter or manage to replicate this bug but there are too many reports to ignore this. A reported workaround is that you pick up a prep mission, leave through a hatch, re-enter and then leave with the Sparrow.

Loading into a new session helps sometimes. If you happen to be using Resource Monitor (PC only) to get a solo session, it can sometimes interfere with the way missions unfold and could therefore be one of the culprits behind the bug that prevents you from entering the Kosatka. If you want to avoid griefers, you can just load into an invite-only session regularly. A public session is not required for these missions.

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To sum it up, three easy steps to fix the bug that prevents you from entering Kosatka, you can:

  1. Choose any spawn location other than Kosatka
  2. Don't fly directly out of the sub with the Sparrow
    1. This partially defeats the purpose of the Sparrow so make sure you try the other two methods before condemning the helicopter
  3. Load into a private session if you're avoiding griefers, don't manipulate the game into giving you a solo public lobby

Have fun and don't become panther food!

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