Call of Duty: Warzone - How to fix Error Code 11328

Published: 15:47, 14 October 2022
Players are getting an error message with the Error Code 11328
Players are getting an error message with the Error Code 11328

Given the number of players and games incorporated in Call of Duty: Warzone, it is no surprise that so many error codes appear. For sure, the most annoying one is error code 11328, which hinders you from getting into games.

Warzone Error Code 11328 prevents you from playing the game by sticking you in an endless "Fetching Online Profile" loop. The problem seems to lie with your Activision account, and for some reason, the game can't access it. The problem seems to be more widespread on the Xbox , but it can affect everyone. 

Since the problem is associated with your Activision account, we recommend the following steps: 

  • Restart the console and the game
  • Update the game
  • Restart your router

If the options above didn't work, then we have to move to drastic measures. On  PC , you have the option to scan the game and repair it. This could take a lot of time, so be patient. Although,  Raven Software  has the final say on when is this getting fixed, these few steps are the only thing you can do while waiting for the actual fix.

Most of the time, a simple restart will do the trick. This gives the game a second chance to look for your Activision account. You might have to try this approach several times if it doesn't work right away.

Make sure that Warzone is up-to-date and running on the newest version. In the launcher, you have to hit the settings button, and then select "Search for Updates".  

Activision CoD Warzone error code 11328 CoD Warzone error code 11328

Sometimes all you need to do is restart your router, which appears to work miracles when it comes to online gaming. Simply disconnect your router, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it. You can restart Warzone as soon as the connection is restored.

Unfortunately, Error Code 11328 isn't new, and it has made a couple of appearances in the past. It looks like the new patch update brought back this error code back to life, and now it is causing headaches to players.



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