Call of Duty: Warzone - All Killstreaks, their prices and how to get them

Published: 12:27, 11 March 2020
Updated: 12:31, 11 March 2020
Modern Warfare screenshot showing UAV
Modern Warfare's UAV

Call of Duty: Warzone may be a battle royale game but that does not mean that you cannot use the popular Killstreaks. So, here is the full list of every Killstreak in the game along with its price.

Call of Duty games are known for the Killstreaks feature which basically gives you various abilities to take down enemies easier. From an UAV drone that reveals the location of enemies on the minimap to Precision Airstrike which can obliterate several opponents on the ground, Killstreaks are some of the most valuable features in Call of Duty.

Despite its battle royale label, Warzone also features Killstreaks but do not expect to wreak havoc with Gunship or drench the whole map with White Phosphorus. Instead, you get to use these:

Shield Turret - $2000

The cheapest Killstreak in the game. As its name suggests, it is a deployable shield turret which you can place on the ground and use it for cover if you find yourself under fire in the open.

Cluster Strike - $3000

Call in a lethal mortar strike on a previously selected location. It is an incredibly useful Killstreak in hot zones with a lot of engagements, dealing massive damage to those who find themselves in the radius.

Precision Airstrike - $3500

Call two fighter jets who drop missiles on a previously marked area. Precision Airstrike is one of the two strikes available in Warzone and can be deadly in combination with UAV. Once you know the location of your enemy, simply use the laser to point at the location and watch the fireworks.

UAV - $4000

Plain and simple, yet one of the best Killstreaks in the game. UAV allows you to see enemy location on the minimap, which is a huge advantage in a battle royale game. It is a bit pricey which some may find surprising since it's one of the "cheapest" Killstreaks in the traditional multiplayer.

Activision Call of Duty: Warzone screenshot showing two guys in gas masks Call of Duty: Warzone

How to get Killstreaks?

In Warzone, you cannot earn Killstreaks in the traditional, Call of Duty way. Instead, you can buy them at Buy Stations or find them in crates. Keep in mind though that the best option is to actually spend Cash and buy Killstreaks since you will very rarely find them while looting.

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