Asia-Pacific November Six Major - where and when to catch the action

Published: 19:55, 18 November 2020
Rainbow Six Siege - Asia-Pacific November Six Major
Rainbow Six Siege - Asia-Pacific November Six Major

Rainbow Six Siege's Asia-Pacific November Six Major is coming up very soon. Ubisoft just clued us in on the exact dates and times you will be able to watch the tournaments via Twitch and YouTube.

Ubisoft just revealed details about the upcoming Asia-Pacific November Six Major. Split into three tournaments, the Major will kick off on November 24 and go on until November 29. 

The Major will be tailored to the competitive structure of the Asia-Pacific region: the North Division and South Division, encompassing the South Asia and Oceania tournaments.

In the North Division tournament, the six top-ranking teams at the end of Stage 2 will battle each other in a single-elimination bracket that looks like this:

  • Giants Gaming
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
  • Cloud9
  • Xavier Esports
  • FAV Gaming
  • GUTS Gaming

In the South Asian tournament, the four best teams from the South Asian Nationals will play in a single-elimination bracket as well:

  • MercenarieZ
  • Union Gaming
  • L2K
  • MonkaS

Lastly, in the Oceanic tournament, the top three teams from the Oceanic Nationals will compete in a single-elimination tournament with Wildcard starting directly in the Grand Final:

  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • Okami LFO
  • Wildcard Gaming

The tournament will see the participants duke it out for the crown of their respective tournament as well as for a share of the USD $125,000 total prize pool.

To watch the Asia-Pacific November Six Major online, tune in on Twitch and YouTube on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, November 24 starting at 9 am GMT:
    • North Division Quarter-Finals Game 1: FAV gaming vs Xavier Gaming
    • North Division Quarter-Finals Game 2: Cloud9 vs GUTS Gaming
  • Wednesday, November 25 starting at 9 am GMT:
    • North Division first Semi-Final:  CYCLOPS athlete gaming vs Cloud9 / GUTS Gaming
    • North Division second Semi-Final:  Giants vs FAV gaming /Xavier Gaming
  • Thursday, November 26 starting at 8 am GMT:
    • Oceanic Preliminary Final: Pittsburgh Knights vs Okami LFO
    • South Asia first Semi-Final: MercenarieZ vs MonkaS
    • South Asia second Semi-Final: Union Gaming vs L2K
  • Friday, November 27 starting at 11:30 pm GMT:
    • South Asia Grand Final
  • Saturday, November 28 starting at 8 am GMT:
    • Oceania Grand Final: Wildcard Gaming vs winner of preliminary Final
  • Sunday, November 29 starting at 9:30 am GMT:
    • North Division Grand Final

The Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, as well as the Oceanic Preliminary Final, will be played using a best-of-three format. The Grand Finals, in turn, will be played in a best-of-five setup.

If you choose to follow the action via Twitch, you might walk away with some in-game Charms as Twitch Drops will be enabled. No less than six levels of exclusive Charms will be included.

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