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Fallout 76 patch fixes speed hacking and unlocks frames

Spoof picture of the Vault Boy from Fallout series depicting him as the Flash
Fallout 76 - Vault Boy as Flash

Bethesda's folks have scratched the tip of Fallout 76's bug iceberg, fixing the issues with frame rates and the movement speed. Players can now take advantage of their 75, 120 and 144Hz monitors without impersonating the Flash himself.

Bethesda have become a laughing stock lately, due to and along with their newest title, Fallout 76. This didn't happen without a reason though, since Fallout 76 is riddled with issues and is supposedly fully released.

One of these issues was related to the connection between frame rates and movement speed on PC. Once a player would have a high enough frame rate, they would start moving abnormally fast, resulting in what many called a speed hack. Technically, it wasn't a hack at all, since this is an issue on Bethesda's end, and no file tampering was required, other than removing the frame rate cap in the game files.

Bethesda's short-term fix was to cap the game at 63 FPS, but patch apparently fixed that issue and players have reported running the game in up to 200 FPS without changing the speed of anything, including their own characters and AI enemies.

One of the plans for Bethesda is to add an FOV slider in the future, but much like the frame and refresh rate, this can be fiddled with in game files. If you don't feel like fixing the game yourself, you can always rely on Beth... err, modders to do it for you in the future.

For example, Nexusmods is already crawling with fixes for Fallout 76, despite the game not supporting mods properly. There are fixes to the terrible UI that was clearly a poor port from consoles, among others.

BethesdaSpoof picture of the Vault Boy from Fallout series depicting him as the FlashWho is going to fix these nightmares?

If you need to remind yourself what you shelled out the full AAA price for, you check this highlight reel out. The original video was removed for some reason, but the re-upload should work in the meantime, while the original uploader gets the credits sorted out.