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SCUM patch tweaks golden DEagle, removes Santa clothes and more

A military clad man climbing a ladder in survival shooter SCUM
SCUM, SEP - Somebody Else's Problem

Even though the amount of beer sent to Gamepires guys by SCUM's publisher Devolver Digital suggested we ain't never seeing another patch again, they once again showed why they're considered absolute class as they rolled out a new one.

Now, the patch notes may not be as lengthy as usual, although that's got nothing to do with beer. The patch is dubbed the hotfix patch, because it's primarily aimed to fix the issue with mags for the recently gifted golden Desert Eagle not spawning.

Gamepires also updated DEagle's, as they call it, animations and montages as well as applied some fine tuning to them. After all, their gift to the community for surpassing 1 million sold copies deserves to reflect the work they've done so far - which is just top notch.

Santa Claus clothing will no longer spawn in SCUM, at least not for another 95 days. Bullet vest no longer weighs 2 kilograms. Instead, Gamepires upped it to 15kg, which may look a bit too severe but is probably more in line with real world vests that can offer any protection from assault rifles. Granted it's still a bit on the heavy side, although it'll probably make sense gameplay wise.

SCUM no longer has island wall gaps, which Gamepires explained with "No more freedom". Oh well. The blue flash that occurs on item creation has also been dumped.

For the past patch or two, the dev has been tweaking the mechanic of items disappearing in singleplayer and while some items did not auto-destroy as they should after 60 minutes, they will now. The bug with iItems disappearing after relogging in SCUM's singleplayer has also been fixed. 

There's been plenty of talk about SCUM's boxes and shelters disappearing in multiplayer, although many of these have proven difficult to reproduce. Gamepires said they'll keep trying but they reminded players that it's possible their stuff has been destroyed by others.

GamepiresA military clad man climbing a ladder in survival shooter SCUMSCUM, Class beer from a class publisher to class dev!

Now bear with me here because I know it's not completely game related, but how cool of a publisher is Devolver Digital? And Gamepires are still not missing a beat mind you.

You can find full patch notes here.