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Mike Ybarra says Sony is still not listening to gamers

Published: 06:33, 05 September 2018
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Original Xbox Logo

You've got to marvel at Microsoft and Nintendo's hypocrisy when pretending to be the saviours of mankind by allowing Fortnite cross-play, as Xbox's Mike Ybarra took to twitter to criticise Sony and PlayStation for not listening to gamers.

That's not to say Sony's hands are clean here - I honestly think that the company's insistence on being the last to insist on maintaining a closed off gaming platform will stain their legacy for years to come. Aggressively doing so, such in the case of Fortnite's accounts made on Switch, will definitely not help.

Ybarra was actually replying to statements made by Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, who said that "PlayStation is the best place to play". His view of Fortnite and PlayStation 4 being the best combination apparently justifies building a wall between PS4 and the Switch, permanently. If users don't like it, well then, they can cry rivers.

Of course, what we're left with now is Nintendo and Microsoft supposedly standing in defence of gamers, which is as ridiculous as Sony's mental and ethical gymnastics. Nintendo have for years been Apple of the East and haven't opened up their platform until a bleak financial outlook made them do so, while Microsoft is still charging people to play Fortnite, a free-to-play game if I may remind you.

To be fair to Ybarra, some of his statements indeed hold water. "All games should be cross play and progression with the right input flexibility and gamer options", he said, and you'd be hard pressed to disagree. Well, at least if you care about gaming more than a platform.

When things are said and done, I care for platforms as much as I care about any medium that has been chosen to house works of art, i.e. I don't. I am, however, continually baffled at PS4 owners who have passionately supported Sony throughout this, as if they don't see that what they're creating is a particularly nasty part of gaming history.

Microsoft Microsoft and Nintendo's splash screen for Minecraft crossplay Nintosoft pals

There were jokes of Sony holding Fornite players and skins hostage, which immediately made me think of the Stockholm Syndrome. And to make matters funnier, it would explain some of the overly zealous company captives and their equally zealous defence of their captors, which in reality doesn't really work in their favour.

You can find Ybarra's .

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