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Xbox's documentary series Power On: The Story of Xbox is now available

Published: 10:46, 13 December 2021
Xbox concept
Xbox concept

Microsoft and Xbox have released the full Power On: The Story of Xbox documentary series on Xbox YouTube channel. 

A fascinating insight into the creation, development, production and even the concept stages of Microsoft's console Xbox is now available on the Xbox YouTube channel as a documentary series called Power On: The Story of Xbox. 

It's a six-episode documentary that offers many never-before-seen footages from Microsoft and Xbox during the creation of Xbox consoles. If you're an Xbox fan, or just a fan of games, we wholeheartedly recommend the documentary.

It covers basically everything from pitching the Xbox idea to Bill Gates to the disastrous Xbox One launch all the way to the launch of the latest consoles Xbox Series X|S.

Many important people who worked on Xbox appear in the series including the current head of Xbox Game Studios, Phil Spencer and former Xbox head Don Mattrick. Oh, and there's Geoff Keighley, too!

Public doubt intensifies as issues threaten to spoil the 2001 launch for Xbox. Chapter 3 of Power On: The Story of Xbox. Xbox almost didn’t happen. Find out why in this behind-the-scenes, six-part series that takes you back to the scrappy beginnings of Microsoft's video game console. It’s the untold story of the people behind the box, glitches and all.

Each episode is around 40 minutes long so it won't take a lot of your time even if you want to binge-watch it, which we certainly recommend. 

Find all the episodes on  Xbox YouTube.

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