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Xbox Game Pass February: Ark, Edge of Eternity, Dreamscaper and more

Published: 11:37, 01 February 2022
Xbox Game Pass - February 2022
Xbox Game Pass - February 2022

A total of nine new games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in the first part of February 2022 including Ark, Besiege, Contrast and more. 

A fresh batch of games is coming to Xbox Game Pass and today, the list has leaked a bit earlier than Xbox usually announce the lineup. The official press release should be dropping in a couple of hours from now but until then, we have what appears to be the official announcement graphic featuring a total of nine new titles that Xbox, PC and players on mobile will be able to play this month. 

Here is the full list of new Xbox Game Pass games that will be coming in the first part of February 2022: 

  • Ark 
  • Dreamscaper 
  • Infernax 
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer 
  • Edge of Eternity 
  • Besiege (Game Preview) 
  • The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom 
  • Contrast 
  • Telling Lies

Xbox Xbox Game Pass Xbox Game Pass

Sadly, the leaked info does not include game platforms and dates but we will be updating the article as soon as Xbox drop the press release on the official website. 

Xbox Game Pass is Xbox's subscription service that offers hundreds of games for a monthly fee of $9.99 per month or $14.99 for the Ultimate version which includes Xbox Live Gold.

Game Pass is set to become massive with the addition of Bethesda and Activision to the Xbox family and if you're yet to try it, Microsoft even have a great offer where you can activate  Game Pass for only $1.

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