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It is now possible to trade in WoW tokens for credit

Published: 15:47, 07 February 2017
World of Warcraft

WoW Tokens can now be traded in for store credits

The Tokens can be exchanged in-game to acquire additional 30 days of gameplay, or redeemable for store credit. Store credit gained from the Tokens will have the value of around £12.

Real money can be used to purchase the Tokens from the in-game shop, and that way it will set you back some £16. The Tokens can always be sold off in the Auction House. Blizzard will initially set the price based on in-game economics, and the supply and demand will take it from there.

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft

One WoW Token is equivalent to:

  • 9 Heathstone packs,
  • 16 Overwarch loot boxes,
  • A 10000 Gold Hero in Heroes of the Storm
  • Any of Blizzard's Legacy Games
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