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Saber and Focus Home release World War Z gameplay trailer

Published: 19:18, 05 April 2019
Focus Home Interactive
Screamers, a type of zombie in World War Z the game
World War Z, Screamers

With 11 days to go until launch of their co-op shooter World War Z, Saber and Focus Home Interactive rolled out a gameplay trailer that takes a closer look at the campaign mode and the challenges players will be facing come 16 April.

World War Z's co-op campaign mode consists of episodes across the world, each one with own overarching story, divided into three chapters of more focused objectives.

Saber said that the chapters will range from boarding hijacked trains to descending into underground facilities, which should help keep things interesting.

World War Z's zombies are quick to react to noise, so Saber advises you to stay as quiet as possible once you've dropped. Moreover, if you choose to go gungho, guns ablaze, the game will spawn more of them, so bear that in mind. 

Saber also discussed the AI director, which dynamically adapts to your chapter-specific gameplay. If you're steamrolling enemies, "don't be surprised if you run into a colossal horde around the corner", but the AI will also cut you a break when it detects you're struggling .

World War Z will throw some useful items your way but finding the most exclusive loot is apparently best done by "leaving the beaten track".

As if Saber haven't made the hordes terrifying enough, there will be all sorts of special zombies, each impacting gameplay and encouraging different approaches.

For instance, the type you see on the image above are called screamers and they continue to attract other zombies until you've, ahem, relieved them of duty. Needless to say, World War Z players should look to remove them as soon as possible. 

The ones Saber calls gas bags are wearing hazmat suits and you need to down them with precise headshots, or risk flooding the area with poisonous gas. 

World War Z's gameplay trailer shows glimpses of other special zombies as well, and this is likely to be a category that will be refreshed often.

Focus Home Interactive Zombies running through a train station in World War Z World War Z

Saber have so far confirmed 4 episodes for World War Z - New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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World War Z

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