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Blizzard are gearing up for World of Warcraft level squish

Published: 10:43, 14 June 2019
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World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard are looking to decrease the maximum level in World of Warcraft in a similar manner they did with damage numbers and stats during the stat squish but it appears they didn't communicate it well to players, resulting in an odd survey.

Blizzard has many things that go squish in World of Warcraft - player stats, damage numbers, gnomes and now levels. Stat squishing, and by extent damage number squishing, happened several times in the past thanks to WoW's business model that involves the ever-growing stat chasing with each expansion.

At some point, the numbers had to go too far up to be convenient anymore so the stats got reduced across the board without impacting the gameplay too much but resulting in lower numbers and better clarity.

It appears that Blizzard feels the same way about WoW's level cap which became 120 with Battle for Azeroth expansion and a new survey suggests the max level will actually be "dramatically lower". 

Another hint that they survey gives out is that Blizzard are aware players are not aware of their future plans with level squishing. According to the Reddit that revealed the survey, the player in question was asked if they were aware the levels would get cut down in the future.

It was followed by a second question related to the first, asking the player to rate the plans about cutting the level cap numbers down on what is basically a scale of one to five.

Considering that no news or official announcements broke out about the potential level squish before, it is easy to imagine many players were actually unaware of the upcoming changes.

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While some may like their bigger level numbers for the moment, others consider the level squish to be a good thing since it could potentially eliminate "pointless levels" where players would just get bonus stat changes that are virtually unimpactful on the gameplay experience.

With more condensed levels, players would get a new ability and more engaging rewards between fewer levels. Naturally, it would take each level longer to surpass but at players would at least be presented with meaningful rewards each time they ding up.


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