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WoW Classic release date announced, here's how to get in beta

Published: 16:21, 14 May 2019
WoW Classic screenshot showing a fire demon holding his hammer
WoW Classic

Blizzard officially announced the release date for World of Warcraft Classic. The game is set to launch on 27 August 2019. Before the official launch, Blizzard will select a small number of WoW players to participate in the closed beta.

World of Warcraft Classic, the re-release of the game's classic, a near-original version has a release date - it's coming on 27 August 2019, it's been confirmed by the publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment.

Furthermore, Blizzard also revealed that they are hosting a closed beta test, scheduled to start tomorrow - 15 May 2019. Keep in mind that Blizzard only plan to invite a small number of WoW players to try the new version of the game, which means the beta test won't be massive in size as you may expect.

Also, you won't be able to participate in the beta if you don't have an active WoW subscription or active game time on your account. Blizzard will also consider additional factors such as how long a player has been subscribed to the game so that they have the right mix of players in the beta.

To apply, all you have to do is head straight to and click on "Beta opt-in" on the right side of the screen. This action will take you to, where you'll get to pick World of Warcraft Classic as you prefer beta test and that would be it. As simple as it gets.

Blizzard plan to run three subsequent stress tests from May to July 2019. These test will add more players and during testing, Blizzard will add a level cap to "emphasize the stress in stress testing". You can check the dates for each stress test below.

  • Stress Test 1: Wednesday, 22 May – Thursday, 23 May 2019
  • Stress Test 2: Wednesday, 19 Jun – Thursday, 20 Jun 2019
  • Stress Test 3: Thursday, Jul 18 – Friday, 19 July 2019

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On 13 August 2019, Blizzard will open character creation so players can create up to three characters and get everything up and running before the game officially launches.

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