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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is overhauling PvP ranking

Published: 03:57, 23 June 2018
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World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard have revealed more World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth changes, this time aimed at the PvP ranking system. This includes new PvP rank tiers, skill and participation rewards as well as end of season reward criteria changes.

PvP rating has been rather obscure to some players according to Blizzard as elo was the only indicator of how well they're performing. Even then, they wouldn't know what kind of reward they might be getting at the end of a season, as tiers would only be made public after Blizzard finished with calculations.

This is all changing with Battle for Azeroth, as the expansion will introduce PvP tiers, akin to those found in League of Legends, CS: GO and other competitive games. Players will still be able to see their rating but they will also see their PvP tier as they earn enough elo to qualify. Combatant tier will be from 1400 to 1599, Challenger will go from 1600 to 1799, Rival from 1800 to 2099, Duelist from 2100 to 2399 and Gladiator will be at 2400 or higher.

Each of these tiers will have different rewards which players will be able to preview in-game. Players will also be able to earn Conquest points each week by participating in PvP and once they cross a certain threshold they will be awarded one piece of raid-tier gear. The items will be on a weekly rotation and players will be able to see what they might be getting provided they kill enough opponents.

This participation meter will be crucial for any PvP enthusiasts as it will also decide whether a player gets the PvP mount at the end of a season, even for those in the Gladiator tier. Meanwhile, wins in 2v2 arenas will now also count towards the progress for Vicious mounts and the progress will be account wide, regardless of which character players win the games on.

Blizzard Sylvanas Windrunner and Anduin Wrynn are chilling on a promotional picture World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Overall, Blizzard seem to be aiming to reward players for participation and effort by introducing a "predictable and controllable" gearing path. You can read more about it on .

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