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World of Goo is the latest Epic Games Store freebie

Published: 14:48, 19 April 2019
2D Boy
World of Goo
World of Goo is available on many platforms

Sticky structure building puzzle from the developers 2D Boy named World of Goo is coming to Epic Games Store as a free download. The game will come with a couple of updates including higher resolution support, improved graphics and more.

Epic Games are offering another free game on their store and this time, it's 2D Boy's sticky structure builder named World of Goo from 2008. World of Goo will replace the currently available freebie Transistor that leaves Epic's free games program on 02 May 2019.

World of Goo will then feature on Epic Games Store as a free title for full two weeks, before the promotion ends on 16 May 2019. The game will also come with a brand new update, that will improve the visuals and add support for modern monitors.

According to the World of Goo designer, artist and composer Kyle Gabler the last time the devs built World of Goo for PC, the game ran at a 4:3 aspect ratio and at a resolution of 800x600. The game would even crash if you had more than one monitor hooked up but now, most monitors can't even enter the old 800x600 mode without glitching or screen flashing.

The team worked hard over the last few months to rebuild the game for Windows, Mac and Linux so it works and supports the modern monitors nicely. Gabler also said that improvements made for Nintendo Switch platforms over the years will be included in the latest PC version.

These improvements include doubling the resolution of all graphics with "high-quality upscaling tools" and support for 16:9 aspect ratio. For those who want to play the game with the original graphics, the option will be included so they can switch between the settings.

Unfortunately, leaderboards won't be available as they "never really worked well" according to Gabler. 2D Boy's servers were never up for the task and constantly got "stressed out and shut itself down" so the devs decided to remove the feature entirely.

The updated version of World of Goo will release on all platforms eventually but Epic Games Store will be the first one in the line. 

Epic Games screenshot from world of goo showing black sticky bridge on a hill World of Goo

If you're yet to play World of Goo, you can download it once the promo starts on 02 May 2019.

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