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Will Sony end next-gen consoles war tonight?

Published: 09:59, 16 September 2020
Updated: 07:21, 17 September 2020
PS5 console showcase event
PS5 Showcase livestream

A 40-minute PlayStation 5 special is on the program tonight. We hope that Sony will finally announce the price and that it will be the lowest one mentioned in the rumors. These are some of our predictions for tonight’s event.

Microsoft have officially released everything there is to reveal about Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The design, hardware specifications, the controller, we know the price of both consoles and the release date, news about the All-access payment model, Game Pass, xCloud.. everything.

We saw everything except the most important thing: a next-gen game on next-gen hardware. 

When this next-gen war began, so to speak, Microsoft started out aggressively by revealing the Xbox Series X in a CGI trailer with several impressive titles, such as Hellblade, Halo, etc. 

After that, we saw the unconvincing Halo Infinite gameplay, and Master Chief had to take a seat on the bench and let the younger ones take on the role of launch stars. 

Who will that star be? Game Pass? Great value, no doubt about that, but for now, it seems like Microsoft's main focus is to sell us the service through Game Pass, or xCloud, etc. We see a lot of gamers defending MS with the backward-compatibility argument.

We don’t all want to play all the games ever, nor do we have the time for that. We like quality over quantity. We also like the BC feature. Moreover, we're more than happy it exists, but when it comes to launching next-gen hardware - we want to see next-gen software as well.

Sony had a slightly different tactic from the start, and at first, we thought Microsoft were the one holding the helm. Yet as time went on, we realized that Microsoft just wanted to be first. 

They were in a hurry to show the world how they are leaders in the next-gen race, so much so that they forgot they were missing the capable driver. The star behind the wheel. Sony have as many 1st party stars as you want. Whether it's Kratos, or Nathan Drake, or Ellie, Alloy, Spiderman... you can choose until tomorrow. 

All this silence that we 'patiently' listened to, in order to hear something new, gained in importance day by day, because in our eyes Sony are the true tacticians from the shadows and they know what they are doing, although at first, we thought they lost their compass for a bit. 

The coronavirus has hit us all, including Sony and Microsoft, but here we are, one step closer to experiencing the next generation of gaming. We think it will happen tonight, at Sony’s online 40-minute PS5 showcase, from which we expect a lot. Sony knows they have a huge community - a fanbase - that expects the date and price of the console, and we believe we’ll get that info tonight. Finally!

They already blew us away with Horizon Forbidden West, and Demon's Soul Remake trailers.

SONY Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Screenshot Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Tonight could also be Spidey's night. If you have a game like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which runs in 4K60fps, and also has a Ray-tracing (mode), then you show it to everyone. 

Because that's exactly what will sell your console. 

There's a rumour that we could also get a teaser for the new God of War game, the sequel to the 2018 hit, which amazed us all. On-duty snipers on Twitter noticed that Cory Barlog had changed his profile picture on the eve of this event, and that was enough to be understood as a hint that a teaser was incoming. 

What we hope we'll see, before Sony announces price and the official release date, is a Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay. Perhaps even a short trailer for Ratchet and Clank, as we already had a longer look at the game during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Then, Demon's Souls Remaster gameplay demo, as one of the most anticipated games for the PS5. If Demon's Soul Remake gets confirmed as a launch title, the internet will explode.

Godfall will definitely be present, and from what we saw in the latest trailer, the game looks better than before. We'd love to see more of GT7, as well.

We’d love to see a demo of the PS5 UI, a demonstration of an ultra-fast SSD, and preferably a PS5 teardown as well, though we doubt that, since it would be hard to fit all of that in a 40-minute event.

We are also interested in hearing about the PS5 backward compatibility feature, and which 1st party PS4 games will receive the next-gen enhanced treatment. 

One of the most anticipated things we'll like to see is a first gameplay trailer for the next-gen NBA 2K21, which we hope will blow our minds, just like NBA 2K14 did, compared to NBA 2K14 on PS3.

Some dare to say that the next-gen war will end after tonight's showcase. We'll not go that far, but we believe that Microsoft is going to have to step up their game after this, regarding exclusive games. They have the hardware for it. 

And maybe we’ll just see Mike Cerny speedrun Knack on PS5 for 40mins.

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