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Nintendo Switch is dominating PS5 and Xbox Series console sales

Published: 11:31, 05 March 2021
Nintendo Switch console in docked mode, and a controller.
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch sold 1.5 million consoles in the UK last year while PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles combined managed to sell only 800,000 units.

According to the latest data provided by GfK and GSD and released by the Entertainment Retailers Association, more than three million games consoles were solid in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2020. 

Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 5 sold over 450,000 units while Microsoft's shiny new hardware Xbox Series X and Series S managed to reach just over 310,000 sales. Nintendo's hybrid console Switch dominated both PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, selling over 1.5 million devices, which is certainly an impressive feat.

However, it should be noted that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles had and still have major stock issues so it's safe to say that both consoles would sell a higher number of units if they were widely available at retailers. 

Showing next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Additionally, report states that Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles combined delivered around 600,000 sales, which is up from 500,000 for Xbox One the year before. PS5 and PS4 together delivered around 900,000 sales, which is up on PS4's 700,000 in 2019. Finally, Nintendo Switch dominated with 1.5 million units sold in 2020, up from nearly one million the year prior.

In total, PS5 delivered £191 million in revenue, while Xbox Series S/X drove £118 million. Switch generated £367.4 million.

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