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Will Apex Legends have Leviathans running around in Season 1?

Published: 17:56, 26 March 2019
Updated: 08:18, 08 April 2019
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Well, rumours seem to be suggesting that Season 1 of Apex Legends will have a few surprises and if the slides posted on Reddit are true, we may see mountable fliers, Leviathans roaming Kings Canyon, another Legend as well as a new weapon.

A Reddit user going by the handle FrozenFroh posted a slide that suggests Apex Legends is getting more surprises in Season 1, which should be great news for those who were left disappointed with the Battle Pass' debut season.

We'll address the elephant in the room first. Did we say elephant? We meant Leviathan, the huge creatures you can see grazing the sea floor or whatever when you're dropping. 

FrozenFroh argues that we'll see a repeat of a scenario from Titanfall 1, when the Militia destroys devices keeping these beasts away from the mainland. They're called repulsors and resemble giant antennae, you'll know them when you see them. 

Anyway, he suggests that Kings Canyon will be overrun by them, and while their location will be randomised, they will be able to kill you, presumably by stepping on you. 

Fliers, on the other hand, could be rideable for a few seconds, and he thinks Apex Legends players will be able to shoot. That's of course unless they're hostile.

We also may see the addition of a new gun in Season 1, which the slides suggest will be the L-Star. Apparently, it'll use legendary ammo and be an energy weapon, although it doesn't say when exactly we may see it.

Apex Legends' second new hero, Wattson, who's been rumoured about for as long as Octane, is likely to make an appearance in Season 1. The Deep Dive gameplay trailer indeed seems to show Wattson, i.e. Natalie Paquette, next to Octane. 

Reddit Apex Legends, Season 1 content, slide by FrozenFroh from Reddit Apex Legends, Season 1 content, slide by FrozenFroh, Reddit

Last but not the least are changes to the Thunderdome, which should be getting a major facelift in Apex Legends' Season 1, which includes hosting "high tier loot during competitions".

Reddit Slide discussing upcoming Apex Legends hero Wattson Apex Legends, Wattson

You can find the Reddit post in question over

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