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Compulsion unveils We Happy Few Season Pass with extra content

Published: 16:49, 06 August 2018
Compulsion Games
A man with a mask reading a newspaper in We Happy Few
We Happy Few

Compulsion Games are yet to roll out We Happy Few and they've already announced a hefty update package coming with the game's Season Pass, including three separate story missions and a sandbox mode, for when you want to get creative.

First up is the sandbox mode, which should take We Happy Few to its proverbial roots, when the game was merely a survival game set in a procedural world. Announcing the mode on their Steam page, Compulsion said that it will allow you to customise the world, rules of the game or even play as a Wellie, meaning a resident of Wellington Wells.

We Happy Few's Season Pass will be released as post-launch content, i.e. not immediately upon launch but a little later. That's of course unless you're planning on purchasing the game's deluxe edition.

Nevertheless, there's plenty to look forward to, with three different stories in the troubled town. The dev is being pretty mysterious at the moment, so pardon if the stories below don't fill out all the obvious story gaps.

First up is "Roger & James in: They Came From Below!", which already sounds ominous enough. As the story goes, "precocious Roger and Impetuous James" were looking for "adventure and love, only to uncover bizarre technology and a terrifying new threat".

The second story coming with We Happy Few's Season Pass is Lightbearer, presumably about Wellington Wells' most celebrated rock star. Obviously, it's a comedic yet personal touch poking deeper at the depths of the town's dysfunctionality.

The third and final story is called We All Fall Down and the description reads, "Much like any well-worn happy mask, all societies develop cracks in their veneer. But that doesn't mean you should go digging up dirt from the past. Right? *pops a Joy pill* Right!"

Compulsion Games A man walking through a derelict neighbourhood in We Happy Few We Happy Few

So, We Happy Few launches on 10 August 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which leaves only four days until we can get our mitts on this Orwellian adventure.

You can find We Happy Few's Season Pass announcement on the game's Steam page .

AltChar advises against pre-ordering anything unless it's insulin or you absolutely have to. But then again, it's your money - so do as you please.

We Happy Few, where Clockwork Orange meets Orwell's 1984

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