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We Happy Few gets a teaser trailer ahead of its E3 appearance

Published: 17:27, 30 May 2018
Compulsion Games
A police officer with a gas mask in festive settings from We Happy Few
We Happy Few

Compulsion Games have rolled out a teaser trailer for their Orwellian adventure We Happy Few and we honestly can't wait to take a few more peeks at what Compulsion and Gearbox have managed since the game's last E3 appearance back in 2016.

The teaser does well to introduce viewers to We Happy Few's story - if you're not happy in Wellington Wells, you're as good as dead. Neighbours, friends, family? None of that matters if you don't take Joy.

The fictional town of Wellington Wells is set in an alternate 1960s England. Its citizens so desperately wanted to forget a very traumatic event that they came up with a drug called Joy, which helped them forget it and consequently feel pretty good about themselves.

The problem arises when a few citizens skip their Joy dosages, bringing the pain back twofold but with it, their humanity too. Unfortunately for the now-unhappy few, citizens of Wellington Wells don't take non-conformism lightly, going berserk when they smell a person who hasn't taken his or hers Joy hit.

Players will have a choice of three playable characters, whose stories are individual yet intertwined to make We Happy Few's story as majestic as possible. Knowing the type of subject matter it deals with, the game truly deserves it.

We Happy Few uses a procedurally generated world, so as to make each playthrough as unique as possible. Compulsion Games say you can make your own stories by "customizing the sandbox" and there will be plenty of crafting, scavenging, sneaking, fighting and more.

Unfortunately, there's no word yet as to the game's , after Australian Classification Board found the in-game drug Joy to violate the Board's guidelines. The guidelines strictly prohibit "drug use related to incentives and rewards" so We Happy Few hasn't been rated Down Under and consequently won't be able to sell.

Compulsion Games A police officer with a white mask from the game We Happy Few We Happy Few

Many Australian gamers have even written letters of protest, because Joy is much more than just a drug - it's incredibly clever game mechanics that is a creative nod to your Orwells and Huxleys. Perhaps it's time to ban them too and stay happy?

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