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Warframe: Fortuna launches, fans call for no crunch in DE

Published: 08:38, 09 November 2018
Digital Extremes
A Tenno riding a hoverboard in Warframe's Fortuna expansion

It is time Tenno - time to finally dip some frozen toes into an equally frozen Venusian landscape as Warframe's Fortuna officially lands on Steam. And if you needed a reminder of just how beloved Digital Extremes are, you'll sure get one.

Namely, a Reddit user called Spacesheepie has posted a "gentle reminder" in Digital Extremes' launching of Fortuna, a slide whose headlines states "Tenno against crunch". With all the hoopla around Red Dead Redemption 2's crunch lately, we guess it was only a matter of time before someone raised the issue in Warframe as well.

The post goes on to stress how video games are not worth the health of what's quite possibly the most beloved development team around at the moment. A bunch of fans quickly joined in echoing the sentiment - a testament to the developer-community bond that's in my mind surely unprecedented in the industry. Corny? Sure. Sweet? Most certainly.

Anyway, Fortuna was announced back at this year's along with the , which by the way launches on 20 November 2018, so 11 more days to go for Nintendo owners. We've known about the launch date of Warframe's new expansion for a , so all that's left is to get into it.

On a somewhat related note, ever since yours truly heard , I've been dreaming of the TennoCon crowds blowing the roof off of a convention centre while singing it at full roar. While there's still ample time until I get my chance to take part in screaming my guts off, I found a version that has a smaller, but equally as passionate crowd signing it at Gamescom, which I've included above. It will definitely do the trick until July rolls around.

Digital Extremes Revenant and Garuda, two new warframes from Warframe Warframe, Revenant and Garuda

Warframe: Fortuna also brings the Garuda warframe, described by Digital Extremes as "death's crimson maiden". Garuda's blueprint is earned by completing the Vox Solaris quest, while its component blueprints are earned through bounties in Orb Vallis.

You can find the no-crunch reminder post . We all lift together.

Digital Extremes roll out four augment mods for Warframe

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Digital Extremes the developers of Warframe roll out four new augment mods for your warframes in Warframe. The four mods are Nidus, Harrow, Octavia and Ivara, these augment mods will focus specifically on boosting individual warframes.

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