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Warface's new PC update - Operation Blackwood

Published: 15:02, 22 June 2020
Warface - Operation Blackwood trailer screenshot
Warface - Operation Blackwood

Warface's new update - Operation Blackwood - will bring the Special Operation with a fresh mission design. Players will be controlling Blackwood soldiers fighting against Warface corporation.

Warface's new update titled Blackwood is launching today for the PC version of the game. The latest update will introduce the Special Operation with a new, open-ended mission design. 

The new Blackwood PvE mission is set on a volcanic island in the Northern Atlantic and continues the story of the WEGA-5 squad, first introduced in Operation Mars. The player’s squad has been captured by rival corporation Blackwood and are forced to fight against their allies.

This means that, for the first time in Warface's history, players will be controlling Blackwood soldiers fighting against Warface corporation.

Another first for the game is the non-linear nature of Operation Blackwood. Players will be dropped off at a starting hub location and then left to their own devices so they can choose which of the three enemy bases to attack first.

Each of the three bases will be guarded by a unique set of enemy troops, led by a powerful boss. 

The new boss battles will introduce some fresh features. Players will have to split up and perform radically different tasks during boss battles. 

Once one of the bosses is eliminated, the others will become much harder to destroy. The difficulty sets the boss’s behaviour and the tactics players will have to adapt to destroy it.

The rewards available at the end of each mission will change based on the order in which players attack the bosses, and resources can be collected to purchase heavy weapons, turrets and barricades during the operation.

To get the maximum reward, players need to complete the operation three times so that each time the order in which they kill the bosses is different. 

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