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Warcraft is going to be another mobile conversion by Blizzard

Published: 09:25, 22 November 2018
Picture of Tyrande Whisperwind from Warcraft series
Warcraft - Tyrande Whisperwind

Diablo fans are still reeling from Diablo Immortal announcement, but Warcraft fans may be the next ones in line to be disappointed. Apparently, Blizzard is now working on a mobile Warcraft game resembling Pokemon Go in its mechanics.

Several sources have already confirmed that Blizzard are working on more than one mobile game that would accompass all of their IPs. This includes Warcraft, and the fears fans initially felt after Diablo Immortal announcement have now been confirmed.

In an inquiry by Kotaku, former and current Blizzard employees talked about the behaviour inside the company, the present and the future of Diablo series and eventually mentioned the future of Warcraft. Apparently, there is a mobile Warcraft game in development right now and it will take inspiration from Pokemon Go.

Being a money printing machine was apparently not the only reason Blizzard chose to make this game. , who worked on World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria seems to be the lead designer in charge, and also happens to be a huge fan of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go itself is rather popular among Blizzard employees so the mobile Warcraft game is apparently somewhat of a passion project. It is also one of the smaller projects, which is something Blizzard developers welcomed with open arms as smaller projects are something they wanted to do for a while.

This course of action will likely not sit well with PC gamers, but not everything is gloomy on their front. According to the aforementioned , Diablo 4 is indeed in development and World of Warcraft shows no signs of stopping just yet.

Blizzard Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

Diablo 4 itself will look to go back to the roots of its success, attempting to emulate Diablo 2, with the official mantra among the developers being "embrace the darkness". This means getting rid of cartoony and zany aspects from Diablo 3 and staying true to the gritty and bloody nature Diablo originally had.

One interesting detail is that the team apparently can't decide whether to make it a third person or isometric view game. The last three build were isometric though, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

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