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Vigor Season 4: Warlords brings along new weapons and game mode

Published: 15:29, 17 June 2020
Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive released a new season for Vigor, refreshing the game with new battle pass, weapons, game mode and several other additions.

Vigor Season 4 has come along, bringing a new battle pass with it. You can preview the contents of it on the image Bohemia released but the highlight is probably the helmet that is highly reminiscent of the signature head protection in PUBG. It comes in both open and closed variations, in case you want to give it a whirl.

The battle pass is only the tip of the iceberg here though, with Elimination debuting as a game mode in this season. As the name suggests, win condition is to eliminate the enemy team. However, there is the option to capture an objective in order to win the run, probably so it can serve as a tiebreaker and not let rounds last for decades. Hitting the round win cap will bring home victory for the team.

New weapons this season include two LMGs - UK vz. 59 and M249. There is also the take on the FAMAS, here known as Bugle F1 and RM14 knife is there to wrap up the roster.

Besides the new weapons, players will be able to find new uniforms, helmets, gloves backpacks, gas masks and goggles. Face paints will be available for those who prefer camouflaging themselves without utilising actual headgear but there are also patterns based on "famous cultural hits" so expect some wonky customisation as well.

While these are the highlights, there is more news on collectables and Encounters , all of which you can check out on the linked official website.

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