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Valve Anti-Cheat bans more than 90 thousand Steam accounts

Published: 14:52, 20 July 2018
Valve's Steam Platform
Valve's Steam Platform

In the largest exodus of cheaters since Steam came to be, Valve have banned upwards of 90,000 Steam accounts since Tuesday, 17 July 2018 and although this "trend" seems to have slowed down somewhat, it still shows a different kind of Valve.

To be fair, Steam numbers indicate that at least 10,000 cheaters get banned daily from Valve's digital distribution platform but they seem to have turned up the heat even further. This is basically providing in a day what you needed a week to get done.

The sudden nature of Valve's move has prompted many to speculate that the company's algorithms were updated to recognise previously undetectable cheat methods, which would indeed make sense. Well, either that or Steam's leadership took their sweet time to be certain.

The sheer scope of Steam's digital offer means that VAC had plenty of games to cover, although it doesn't take a psychic to assume participation by the usual in-house suspects like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. We can't forget third-party games either, with Call of Duty perhaps being the prime example of Steam's third-party heavyweights.

We're sure there are plenty more games targeted though but it's not like we discriminate when it comes to cheaters - we hate them all the same.

As these things usually go, reddit has responded as well by opening a subreddit dubbed , which isn't dedicated to porn but the banned cheaters. Many players are recognising old, ahem, acquaintances. Others are simply taking pleasure in the fact that many of these Steam accounts have some serious bling in their inventory, with one account having tens of thousands of dollars. 

Niantic Pokemon Go's legendary bird Pokemon Articuno Pokemon Go

Incidentally, in what are more coincidental than correlated news, Niantic have tightened up their Pokemon GO as well, introducing a three strike policy with an appeal period. Obviously, not even Pokemon are exempt from people looking to ignore the rules and just end up first, however they would justify it in their heads.

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