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Valorant's first big international tournament concludes with an epic finale

Published: 17:48, 31 May 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Yoru
Valorant - Yoru

Riot Games recently held VCT 2021 which ended with a banger as well as a dominant champion, with a finale that was much closer than one would guess when seeing the score.

Valorant Champions Tour 2021, held in Reykjavik, concluded on May 30, 2021, with the North American side, Sentinels, taking the crown after a dominating performance during the tournament.

The champions skipped the Play-In stage and faced Fnatic in the first round, where they kicked off their bid for a clean sheet during the tournament. After dropping Fnatic, they repeated the feat against Team Vikings and NUTURN Gaming in the following two rounds and eventually reached the finals without losing a single map.

Meanwhile, Fnatic conquered the bottom side of the bracket and paved their way to the finals, resulting in a repeat match against the Sentinels. Instead of the best-of-three format from the rounds leading up to finals, we would witness an epic best-of-five, which ended with a clean sweep for Sentinels.

It probably sounds crazy that a 3-0 match where the champions didn't lose a single point during the entire tournament would sound like a close affair but it truly was. Not a single map was a dominating performance and two of them went into overtime.

The three maps played in the finals were Split, Bind and Haven. Split ended up with 14-12 in favour of Sentinels, with Bind having an even closer result of 16-14. By the time Haven rolled around, Sentinels' display in two high-intensity bouts seems to have prevailed and broken Fnatic's morale as this one didn't go into overtime and the scoreboard showed 13-11 in the end.

Those one million viewers were in for a treat even though the finals ended with 3-0 but this sets an interesting precedent for future international tournaments as other regions will try to improve and take the crown or at least make a dent in Sentinels' armour.

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