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Valorant: Yoru release date and ability breakdown

Published: 15:43, 09 January 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Yoru
Valorant - Yoru

Riot Games revealed a bunch of information about the upcoming Episode 2, including a cinematic featuring the new agent, Yoru, whose abilities happen to be known already.

Yoru is set to arrive in Valorant when Episode 2 launches on January 12, 2021. He will either be the next fan favourite or menace due to high potential of beating enemies down with both mind games and guns but the skill ceiling for pulling these stunts off may be a bit higher than that of an average player.

Bait will let Yoru send an echo that imitates the sound of footsteps, which can leave the opponents looking the wrong way for a split second which is enough to make a clutch play in Valorant. One hidden part of this ability is that it can trigger traps such as Cypher's Tripwire and cage or Killjoy's turret and alarm. So much utility and it only costs 100 credits.

Stun, which costs 200 credits, will behave like an impact flashbang. Yoru throws it, the projectile hits a surface and explodes in a flash of light that blinds agents for one second.

Unwanted Guest, his signature ability, will let Yoru create a portal which he can use to immediately pop up in another place. It has one more step when using it compared to Omen and the ability will let the agent bypass the aforementioned traps that he can trigger manually with Bait. He's going to be a massive headache for intel gatherers.

If that wasn't enough trouble for the Sentinels, Spatial Drift will make Yoru invisible and invulnerable for 8.75 seconds, allowing him to have massive flank and surprise potential.

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