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Valorant won't run on Windows 11 without TPM 2.0

Published: 18:04, 04 September 2021
Riot Games

Windows 11 is the future of the PC and Riot Games are already preparing for it as they announced you will have to have TPM 2.0 in order to play Valorant on the OS.

When Microsoft announced Windows 11, you probably started hearing more about TPM 2.0, which might just sound like an unimportant buzzword to the casual PC user. It will play an important part in using the OS though and now it's known that it will be important for Valorant as well.

Anti-Cheat Police Department , who often follows the hilarious cries of frustration from the cheaters, now posted another gold nugget from the associated forums. It appears that both TPM 2.0 and secure boot are required to run the game on Microsoft's next OS, which provides more layers of protection against cheats.

TPM support itself is a requirement in both Windows 7 and 10 but 11 will just move the technology one step further. In the simplest of terms, a TPM is a gizmo in your PC that makes the hackers' lives harder. Since TPM 2.0 is already a requirement to have Win 11 in the first place, it's not a surprise Valorant will need it too.

Anyway, Vanguard is already providing some of the best cheat detection in the world but it's also highly invasive, which has the gamers split on the opinion on whether it's a good thing or not. One thing is certain though - the anticheat already made life hard for cheater providers and users but Win 11 will further enhance their misery.


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