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Valorant will prevent AFK farming in patch 2.04

Published: 02:19, 16 February 2021
Valorant - Raze
Valorant - Raze

Valorant's problems with AFK farmers will probably go away entirely when the patch 2.04 launches but it might also eliminate AFK griefers.

Riot Games already tried to ease the problems of the players who suffered AFKs in their matches in patch 2.01 but they are still working on the issue and further changes are aimed at patch 2.04 .

The team will aim to not punish the players who occasionally disconnect since faulty internet connection can be the culprit behind this and not the player themself. However, the behaviour will be monitored over a prolonged period of time so those who consistently drop out of games will be getting punished and severely so.

The list of penalties includes:

  1. Warnings
  2. XP denial from AFK games
  3. Losing small amounts of rating in Ranked for pre-game dodges
  4. Losing rating for AFKing in ranked
  5. Increased queue restrictions
  6. Barred entry from ranked games
  7. Ban from Valorant

That second entry on the list will effectively wipe out AFK farmers since there will be no point in sitting there without doing anything. It remains to be seen how Riot will deal with small actions in intervals, such as moving a few steps to avoid AFK detection.


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In the case of the last and most severe punishment, the ban from Valorant, it will only happen if the players are extremely egregious when it comes to AFKing.

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