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Valorant update nerfs Stinger, Yoru, Reyna, adds new Escalation mode

Published: 20:36, 17 February 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Reyna
Valorant - Reyna

Riot Games rolled out the v2.03 update for Valorant, and there's a lot to sift through, including some deep balancing cuts to tame Yoru, Reyna, Stinger and a few others.


No need to panic over the Stinger, though, as Riot made sure that skilled players can still dish out serious damage. That said, it should no longer be outperforming other guns at their optimum ranges, which the dev intends to differentiate more clearly in the upcoming period.

Full Auto

  • Price increased from 1000 >>> 1100
  • Full auto fire rate reduced from 18 >>> 16
  • Full auto fire now reaches max spread at bullet 4, instead of bullet 6
  • Adjusted pitch (vertical) recoil curve for full auto, recoil climbs more aggressively past the 3rd bullet
  • Decreased yaw switch bullet protection at full auto count from 4 >>> 3 on Full-Auto


  • Adjusted pitch (vertical) recoil to be more aggressive after the first burst 
  • Added more error on bursts after the first one
  • Improved recovery time on burst mode from .45 >>> .4

Marshall has received a price decrease, a magnification bump and some movement buffs, which should hopefully carve it out a unique niche in Valorant's arsenal. 

Riot Games Valorant - Brimstone Valorant - Brimstone



Reyna has had her pubstomping potential clamped back with the halving of Devour and Dismiss charges from 4 to 2, and doubling of the price from 100 to 200. Riot are hoping to make up for it by having slain enemies she damaged in the last 3 seconds drop Soul Orbs.


The Valorant team are still investigating future changes for Yoru, but the v2.03 update will make sure he's more usable at the moment. 


  • Gatecrash now displays the range at which the tether can be seen by enemies while moving on the minimap
  • The range that enemies are able to hear the audio of a Gatecrash teleport is now displayed on the minimap

Dimensional Drift

  • While in Dimensional Drift, Yoru’s minimap is now visible
  • Enemies within Yoru’s vision range, while in Dimensional Drift, are now revealed to ally minimaps, as well
  • Dimensional Drift can no longer body block enemies

For a full list of tweaks and changes, including a lengthy rundown of the Escalation mode , refer to the full Valorant v2.03 patch notes .


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