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Valorant to offer more crosshair customisation in a future patch

Published: 18:33, 24 July 2021
Riot Games

Precision shooting is paramount in Valorant and Riot Games seem to be gearing up to provide players with more tools to whack the opposing agents.

Valorant players have a multitude of ways to customise their aiming system through extensive sensitivity and crosshair options. The latter allows players to make that target acquisition easier through using colours, shapes and mechanics that fit their taste and it's apparently getting expanded tools in the future.

Namely, players will be able to customise their profiles separately for different types of aiming - hip fire, aiming down sights and sniper scope aiming. Each of these will offer the same amount of customisation so you will be able to make the most of aiming in each mode. For example, you will be able to have custom but separate crosshairs for hip fire, ADS and sniper scope so that means you can use smaller crosshairs in zoomed modes, to compensate for the bigger opponent hit boxes and vice versa.

Additionally, more crosshair options will become available for all three aiming modes. Firing error multiplier, centre dot colour and movement error multiplier will all be options that will allow deeper crosshair customisation so you might be looking at much more precise shooting in the future, provided you give the new crosshairs enough practice.


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