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Valorant is not getting a story mode anytime soon

Published: 18:42, 24 December 2020
Valorant - Raze
Valorant - Raze

Valorant's producers sat down to answer some player questions about the state of the game's ranked mode, surrender votes, crosshairs and the shooter's story mode.

Christmas, in the form of a Q and A session from the powers that be at Riot, came early this year. Riot's producers who worked on Valorant sat down to provide some answers to the players' questions.

The ranking system

Valorant's ranking system is known to be a bit harsh. Players are usually one bad day of playing away from losing their rank and getting it back is not considered to be a walk in the park. Ian Fielding, a Senior Producer, shared that the team has been experiencing this as well and that they have made some changes to address this with Patch 1.14

More substantive changes will follow at the start of the year with the launch of Episode 2.

Patch 1.14 made it somewhat easier to climb out of Iron and go all the way to Diamond rank. Valorant's Immortal+ rank will stay roughly the same, says Fielding. Patch 2.0 (slated for an early January release) will add increased protection for rank demotions while also granting the players some breathing room after the desired rank has been achieved.

Surrender votes

When asked about the possibility of getting an extra surrender vote, Sara Dadafshar, Producer, was very direct: the team doesn't see this as an urgent issue, at least when compared to the problem of AFK players and Smurfs. The team will look into the matter more closely but Dadafshar did not give any promises.

Observers seeing the crosshairs

Some players have been getting harassed for their crosshair choices and Matt Le conceded that an option to hide them is an idea with looking into in the future.

Valorant's story mode

A story mode in the traditional sense is not on the team's radar. Yet. 

Players who'd like to know more about the game's Agents can piece together snippets of information gleaned from the game itself, the Player Cards, Character VO, etc.

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