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Valorant seems to be experiencing an increased AFK and troll problem

Published: 07:25, 28 December 2021
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If you know Riot's games, you know the communities those games foster. AS one of the recent titles, Valorant did not take long to develop an AFK problem, even though the game's rising player base is a sign of a healthy game.

The game is becoming increasingly taxing and painful to play due to the prevalence of AFKs in matches, players complain on Reddit. It's, apparently, gotten to a point where one in two games have at least one AFK, or if not an AFK a troll.

The players complaining and issuing grievances are in no way high rank, and thus subjected to the "streamer treatment". Instead, they are mostly players playing for fun, with only some of them trying to attain a higher rank, and neither goal can be reached due to this problem.

The, relatively, recent changes to ranked queues in which teams of 4 are forbidden, seem to have sparked this trend. As these players were used to, it would seem, harassing the lone free agent on their team who was forced to stay and play as the games were ranked, in normal games these players outright troll and go AFK, as they see fit.

Riot Games Valorant - Yoru Valorant - Yoru

The problem, of course, is not just limited to normal games but ranked ones as well. In the early days of League of Legends, such behavior could have been excused as players not knowing the importance of staying in-game, but nowadays, ranked climb is widespread knowledge and every online has it.

In the end, the problem stems from the community itself. We are all aware of the reputation League of Legends' community has, so something must be done t shield Valorant from the same fate.

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