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Valorant reveals Fade's abilities in action, details leak elsewhere

Published: 01:10, 25 April 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Fade
Valorant - Fade

Riot Games revealed more about the upcoming Valorant agent, Fade, but not the details of her abilities. On the other hands, these leaked from another source.

Fade is a Turkish agent in Valorant that will be occupying the role of an initiator and will likely cause a few headaches since her abilities feature a wall of text each. We will try to condense the descriptions as much as possible, without omitting information.


This ability equips a creepy creature that Fade can initially control. It will lock onto an agent or their trailer, at which point Fade loses the ability to control it. The Prowler then follows the agent and upon reaching them, primes up for half a second and then near-sights the closest agent.

Only one Prowler can latch onto an agent's trail.


Fade equips an orb she can throw. When it hits the ground, it primes up for half a second and then infects seven metres of the terrain around it. Enemies caught in the zone get tethered to the centre, suffer 75 decay damage and are deafened.


Another equip ability. When Fade throws this orb, it will create an eye upon landing on the ground. This eye will reveal enemies and cause them to spawn trails that the Prowlers can latch onto.

Hostile agents can kill the eye.

Riot Games Valorant - Kay-0 Kay-0 managed to subdue Fade in the lore


Yet another equip ability, this time an ultimate. Fade can then fire out a wave of dark mist. Any enemies it hits will be trailed, deafened and decayed for 12 seconds.

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