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Valorant patch brings minor changes to Viper and Jett

Published: 02:50, 06 October 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Jett
Valorant - Jett

Jett and Viper are getting a few consistency updates in the latest Valorant patch but also a change in the interaction between the two.

Jett is one of the most popular Valorant agents partially because she is able to work around almost any obstacles opposing agents can throw at her. This was the case with Viper's wall as well, prior to patch 3.07. 

Namely, Jett could jump over the wall and not get hit by the decay, effectively ruining some of Viper's executions just like that. She will still be able to do this after the patch but it will not be as easy since the highest portion of the wall will now correctly apply instant decay.

Furthermore, Viper's smoke effects have been updated to be more consistent from the inside and outside. This way, both sides will be closer to a fair fight and those in the smoke will not have as much peeker's advantage anymore, if any.

Meanwhile, Jett is also getting a quality of life upgrade for the practice tool as her kunai from the ultimate will regain charges upon killing dummies and defuse practice bots, meaning she can mimic real match situations a little bit easier. Most importantly, it learning to aim the kunai will now be much easier because the players will get quicker feedback on how their shots registered.


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There are a few non-balance changes as well, such as the new way to deal with AFKs in deathmatch.

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