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Valorant patch 1.11 makes Sentinels truly anchored

Published: 16:18, 27 October 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Cypher
Valorant - Cypher

Riot Games released Valorant patch 1.11 with major changes to the Sentinel agents while initiators will have easier time clearing rooms due to flashbangs becoming more efficient.

Sentinels are the must-have agent type in Valorant, for pretty much any team. The combination of defensive power and intel gathering makes them invaluable when your team is on the defence while they can reliably secure planted spikes while attacking. Patch 1.11 is not going to change that aspect of these agents too much but it will force them to stay safer and avoid risks.

Namely, their gadgets will be revealed and stop working when they are killed. This applies to both Cypher and Killjoy. In the case of the former, the Trapwire and Spy Camera both get revealed and destroyed upon the agent's death but it's really the Trapwire that was annoying even after dealing with Valorant's peeping Tom.

Meanwhile, Killjoy will receive another restraint - Alarmbot and the Turret will deactivate if she is 40 or more meters away from them. In other words, she won't be able to protect one site while getting intel from the other where she placed the gadgets. Reentering their range will activate the tools again.

On the flipside, both the Alarm Bot and Nanoswarm have been buffed and should be more reliable to use.

Attacking solutions became a bit easier with the patch as well. Flashbangs from the initiators will be more reliable as the fade-out effect will start slower than before. The full duration of it remains the same so the vision will return slightly faster in the latter part of the effect fading out. 


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To top it off, Mr Ponytail got buffed yet again as his flash will now last for two seconds instead of 1.75.

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