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Valorant overhauls Split in the latest patch

Published: 20:16, 20 January 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Split
Valorant - Split

Riot Games brought some rather exciting changes to Valorant with patch 2.01, some regarding agent balance and others aimed at reducing a splitting headache.

Agent balancing in this patch hasn't been that widespread since it's only Jett that is getting a single change. Namely, her smokes are getting nerfed by reducing their duration from seven to 4.5 seconds. This should make her lean more into the high octane duelist role instead of doubling down as a controller since she will be pressured to push after throwing smokes sooner rather than later.

The lack of a huge roster balance doesn't mean the latest Valorant patch is barebones, especially because one of the most annoying maps was the focus here. Split is getting numerous changes so attacking doesn't feel like that much of an uphill battle as the previous changes turned out to not be enough.

One of Riot's main goals was to reduce the 50/50 checks. For those not familiar with the lingo, it means the corners and narrow passages where defenders could be hiding on both sides, translating into 50 per cent chance of a defender being stationed on either side. 

This was particularly annoying when pushing mid on or going to B Main on Split.

In the case of B Main, you will now have a wider doorway to invade the site, allowing for better corner checking. Furthermore, defenders camping the left side will have a harder time due to added clutter that should force them to be more visible and the ones camping haven will have two additional crates that block their view. With utilities in your pocket, the site should now be much less threatening to go for.


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Vent room on mid will now have a wider entrance, once again giving the attackers better vision of possible defenders. On top of that, the 50/50 check here will also be diminished since one side has a diagonal wall now, preventing the defenders from being completely obscured. On the flipside, this wall is thick enough to protect from all penetration.

There are more changes to the map that you will get to enjoy along with plethora of bug fixes that you can check out on the official patch notes. Patch 2.01 is now live in most regions.

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