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Valorant nerfs run and gun accuracy in latest patch

Published: 19:15, 22 June 2021
Valorant - Phoenix
Valorant - Phoenix

Riot Games are trying to curb the advantage some players get without stopping to shoot accurately in Valorant, which resulted in a small overhaul of weapon mechanics in the game.

Valorant has a major mechanic when it comes to the shooting that decides the outcome of countless firefights. Riot Games call it "Tag into Accuracy". 

You know when you shoot someone how they briefly become slowed down? You know how slower-moving agents are more accurate? Put those two together and you make enemies more accurate by shooting them which often results in the target winning the duel not thanks to their skills and efforts but rather because hidden game mechanics helped them. 

It is this part of the system that Riot is nerfing as weapons are becoming less accurate when shooting on the move , especially when walking. Weapons across the board will now slow enemies down by 72.5 per cent on hit, instead of 75 per cent. Additionally, agents will need to be slowed down to at least 27.5 per cent of their regular movement speed in order to trigger better accuracy. In other words, shooting enemies will no longer help them aim.

While that change puts a major dent in the run and gun play style, devs are also nerfing accuracy while walking, pretty much across the board. All rifles, SMGs and heavy weapons will be affected by accuracy nerfs while walking, in addition to Classic, Frenzy, Ghost and Sheriff from the sidearm category.


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With these changes, players will have to rely more on stopping entirely or counter strafing in order to land shots consistently.

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