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Valorant: Kay-0 abilities revealed with a trailer

Published: 09:40, 18 June 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Kay-0
Valorant - Kay-0

Riot Games revealed the abilities of the new agent that will be joining Valorant roster soon and this robot is all about taking out the powers of others.

Kay-0 is apparently a robot that was specifically built to take out Radiants and his skill set reflects it. This robot has two abilities that straight up suppress enemy abilities, offering new tactical approaches for his team and endless frustrations for the opponents.

FRAG/MENT is the first basic ability. Kay-0 throws a grenade that explodes into fragments and it's almost lethal, provided fragments catch enemies in the blast radius. Yup, it sounds a lot like Raze but we need to see it in action first before rendering judgement.

FLASH/DRIVE is your typical flashbang but Kay-0 can choose between 1.6 seconds fuse with the left click and a shorter one-second fuse with the right click.

ZERO/POINT is where the suppression starts. The robot equips a knife that can be thrown. It then sticks to the surface, winds up and explodes. Enemies caught in the explosion will be suppressed.

NULL/CMD is the ultimate. Kay-0 gets empowered and starts emitting pulses from his location. Any enemies caused in the pulse will have their abilities suppressed. Meanwhile, the empowered robot will gain the effects of a combat stim and if he's killed while in this state, he will go into down but not out state where any teammate can revive him.


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