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Valorant - Modes team working on casual modes and bots for 2021

Published: 16:57, 15 December 2020
Valorant - Snowball Fight
Valorant - Snowball Fight

Valorant's Jared Berbach and his Modes team put together an End of Year letter to the players. Jared took a look back at 2020 and detailed some of the features the team will be working on in 2021.

Jared Berbach just shared a letter to the fans of Valorant, on behalf of the Modes team. He kicked things off by thanking the players for their support and dedication to Riot's new game and noted how this past year has been "rowdy" for him and his team.

Berbach and the team are happy that Spike Rush and FFA DM continue to see very healthy engagement and that they've been able to update them over time to keep things fresh as well as deliver some of the community-requested improvements. 

He went on to give us a brief history of how the new modes came into existence in the spring of this year. "By game development definitions, we had an incredibly short timeline to bring up some core technology."

The Spike Rush mode was born out of the need for a more snappy version of the usual 30-50 minute-long Valorant matches - Jared admitted.


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Berbach concluded his letter by informing us that the team has " SO MUCH in the pipeline to share with you next year". 

They are working on several "promising prototypes" and have "many different technologies and designs in flight". 

The team has put the work on the fundamentals in their rearview mirror and they are now focusing on churning out all kinds of modes - especially more casual ones the players can go to and "simply chill".

The more casual modes, as well as bots that can join the matches already in progress, will be some of the things Jared and his team will be focusing on in the coming year.

Read the entire letter here .

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