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Valorant's anti-cheat plans for Episode 3: hardware cheats are getting popular

Published: 15:54, 18 October 2021
Valorant team's anti-cheat plans  for Episode 3

Being a part of an anti-cheat team for any game is an uphill battle, but Valorant's team seems to be doing something right as in-game reports are at an all-time low.

Valorant's third episode is coming packed with a brand new anti-cheat update. The team focused on keeping the game fair and fun for everyone just announced that they are aiming their efforts towards the general increase in popularity of hardware cheats. Episode 2 already saw the rise of 90-day penalties for "bussing*" and the team has been researching their options for re-calibrating the ranks of those players whose teammates were less than honest.

*Bussing is the term Riot uses to describe the practice of knowingly teaming up with cheaters and using their deception to get ahead.

Valorant Episode 3

The recent anti-cheat report shows that the players have stopped reporting cheaters so often and even goes on to say that the report rates for cheating are the lowest they’ve ever been. However, the team is still at odds with the ever-increasing cheating efforts as the market is constantly coming up with fresh techniques to feed the demand. 


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How things stand right now

Hardware cheats are getting more and more popular. They depend on an external piece of hardware to run functionally, designed to try to bypass both protections and detections implemented by the anti-cheat team. Valorant's team has been on top of the problem but it's interesting that the cheats have outgrown the aimbot and gone on to tamper with the game engine and assets. Still, the report rates remain at an all-time low.

Act 3 and Episode 4

Valorant's anti-cheat team is going to continue their work on expelling the undesirable players from the community, and plan to carry on with additional improvements to the Vanguard system as well as all forms of cheating. For now, the team's main focus remains third-party tools, boosting and win trading.

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