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Valorant agent Kay-0 leaks ahead of announcement

Published: 01:49, 17 June 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Kay-0
Valorant - Kay-0

Riot Games have been teasing a new Valorant agent but before they could offer a full reveal, he leaked and is now all over the social media.

Valorant's next agent is a robotic one apparently. He resembles the early concept for Killjoy but the current iteration seems to be completely different as even his role is not that of a Sentinel but rather an Initiator. 

While the looks of the characters and in-game screenshots were leaked, his actual abilities are unknown for the time being. The only hint about the abilities is that he will be relying on gunplay rather than abilities to kill enemies so the players will probably not have to worry about getting another Killjoy or Raze in their midst.

Kay-0 may be a proper robot, some sort of human integration into a mechanical body or something in between. It also appears to have some sort of short pants which is weird to see on a metallic body but here we are.

Considering that Kay-0 leaked in late hours of June 16, it's safe to assume Riot will want to get ahead of any further leaks and will probably reveal the agent in full on June 17, 2021.

Riot Games Valorant - Kay-0 Valorant - Kay-0

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