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Upcoming Humble Indie Bundle seems loaded with great games

Published: 09:34, 11 May 2020
Hotline Miami

Support files on Humble Bundle's website appear to have revealed their next Indie bundle which contains eight games that easily qualify for some of the best indies ever, along with one that will be revealed later.

Humble Indie Bundle 21's release date is currently unknown but the games that will be in it seem to have leaked inadvertently. Due to suspecting Humble would take the page down or alter it, the community already did the archiving .

Humble Indie Bundle 21 will contain:

  1. Hotline Miami
  2. Beat Cop
  3. Dust Force DX
  4. Moonlighter
  5. Gato Roboto
  6. Hyperlight Drifter
  7. Hypnospace Outlaw
  8. Starbound
  9. An unannounced game

You can check the system requirements on the page linked above but since these are all pixel-happy indies, they will run on pretty much any hardware that is available today. Most smartphones have hardware that outclasses that which is required, in fact.

Most of the names on the list will immediately catch your eye, since they are acclaimed indies, like Hotline Miami or Beat Cop. However, only two of the known titles here have not been in a bundle to date - Gato Roboto and Hypnospace Outlaw. You can either track your library in order to see which games you already added or visit the Reddit post that put all the games into a table, noting the previous bundles they were available in.

Chucklefish Screenshot from Chucklefish's Starbound Starbound

Considering that the cat is now out of the bag, it will probably not be long before Humble put this bundle up for sale so if you are interested in the games above, you might want to keep your eyes peeled.

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