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Players are to blame for buying loot boxes according to Ubisoft

Published: 19:31, 15 November 2018
Updated: 08:11, 16 November 2018
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Trials Rising

EA, Activision and Ubisoft are often regarded as the unholy trinity of loot boxes, and some of Ubisoft's staff confirmed this. One of their employees stated players are to blame for loot boxes' existence since they keep buying them.

Simply stating the obvious, which is that if players didn't buy loot boxes they wouldn't exist, isn't egregious on its own, but the way a Ubisoft employee framed their response certainly is. In a debate over the upcoming loot boxes in Trials Rising, Ubi_Warlock offered their input on the matter. As expected, dropping a truth bomb about how players should not buy them didn't go well.

Warlock's even admitted that the loot boxes keep turning up way more profit for Ubisoft than games normally would, but found an excuse for that by stating more money is put into the development of new games thanks to them. This statement alone is enough to nominate the comment for the worst response of the year.

It gets better, however, as Warlock that "loot crates / cosmetic items, in general, have been a huge boon for the Gaming Industry" which is bound to provoke just about every gamer's ire. We at AltChar have generally been referring to loot boxes as a plague in gaming, rather than a boon, which is a sentiment so many gamers share.

Just because loot boxes can be cosmetic does not mean they are justified, as the company is knowingly removing the players' ability to purchase said cosmetics directly and is forcing them into gambling in order to maximise profits. Warlock continued the statement by going as far as to claim that the loot boxes have been "a driving factor in the increased popularity of Gaming over the past decade or so".

Ubisoft Picture of a dude on a bike jumping around a map in Trials Rising Trials Rising

We honestly wanted to put a witty comment on this one, but imagine that, we are at a loss for words. According to Ubisoft, it wasn't the rise in popularity of eSports worldwide, nor the popularity explosion of video games in China or the evolution and introduction of some of the best games in the last decade or so that made gaming popular. It was all thanks to loot boxes, in Ubisoft's mind.

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