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Ubisoft Massive are working on an unannounced cloud-based project

Published: 10:43, 15 December 2021
Ubisoft Massive logo and the division art
Ubisoft Massive

Job listing suggests that The Division creators have high ambitions for the project, which aims to change the way that players experience games in the future. 

Ubisoft Massive currently have two newly announced projects in the works - a story-driven open-world Star Wars game and the open-world action-adventure Avatar title named Frontiers of Pandora. The studio are also working on The Division 2 content, which they just recently delayed to a later date in 2022.

On top of this, Massive seem to have a new project in the early stages of development. If you go to Massive's Careers page and check under the "Choose Project" dropdown menu, you'll notice that at the very end of the menu that there is an unannounced project listed, which has three job openings at the moment - Online Programmer , Server Developer and Site Reliability Engineer. 

Ubisoft Massive Ubisoft Massive's job openings for an unannounced project Ubisoft Massive's job openings for an unannounced project

In the job description for the Online Programmer role, Massive reveal that this is a highly ambitious project that aims to change how players experience video games in the future. The description also states that Ubisoft want to use the opportunity to become a pioneer in the cloud-based games space.

Job description:

"Ubisoft is working on an Unannounced cloud-based technology Project. We have high ambitions for this project and this opportunity before us means that we can be a pioneer in this space. This project aims to change the way that players experience games in the future.

 Cloud tech has levelled the playing field for online games, and our vision is to go above and beyond to create amazing online experiences."

Ubisoft The Division poster showing an SHD agent armed with a Steyr AUG. Could this be a brand new The Division game?

The listing also suggests that the ideal candidate would bring in a strong interest in cloud tech platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure.

And that's basically everything that we found interesting in these job listings. Sadly, there is nothing in there that would help us identify the franchise that Massive are using for this project. 

It's possible that they are creating a new IP or perhaps, these are early job listings for The Division 3. Who knows.

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