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Turn 10 sending out another set of invites for Forza Motorsport testing

Published: 09:42, 05 April 2022
Turn 10
Forza Motorsport - Laguna Seca
Forza Motorsport - Laguna Seca

It looks like Forza Motorsport developer are hosting another flight for their upcoming racing sim very soon. 

We haven't heard much about Forza Motorsport ever since Turn 10 Studios and Xbox announced the game a couple of years ago. However, the team did promise to share a lot more this year and it looks like things are ramping up with the latest invites that have been sent out to Forza Motorsport subscribers.

Turn 10 sent out an email inviting players to join the Insiders program that allows them to receive invites for flights, participate in research and more. This suggests Turn 10 could soon host another test for Forza Motorsport, following the first early set of tests last year. 


The Turn 10 Panel Team is excited to announce the next generation of the Turn 10 Feedback Program: The Forza Insiders! This new and improved program will allow you to receive invites for surveys, newsletters, sign up for flights, and participate in research studies! 

turn 10 Forza Motorsport screenshot showing red car Forza Motorsport - World Class ray-tracing

So, when exactly could we hear more about Forza Motorsport and see some gameplay? Well, our guess would be the Xbox's big games showcase, which is scheduled for June 2022 according to rumours.

Xbox could showcase Forza Motorsport with a deep dive gameplay trailer and perhaps even announce a closed alpha/beta test for Insiders. 

All in all, we cannot wait to see more of Forza Motorsport, the first true next-gen exclusive racing title for the Xbox ecosystem. 

Forza Motorsport 7

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Forza Motorsport 7
Forza Motorsport 7

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