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Trine 4 hero skills detailed in a trailer

Published: 12:45, 02 October 2019
Picture of Zoya and Pontius from Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Frozebyte revealed a new trailer that provides a gameplay overview, complete with new and old skills of Zoya, Amadeus and Pontius. It also briefly shows four Pontiuses going into action on their own.

Trine 4 will weaponise all three heroes which was not necessarily the case previously as Amadeus was mostly a utility character, rarely engaging in combat. Zoya was a good mix of both and she still is while Pontius was more armed for skirmishes and slightly less useful in puzzle solving, at times.

To compensate Amadeus' increased usefulness, Pontius also gained some more utility skills. For example, heavy emphasis has been placed on his stomp on see-saw puzzles which can be seen several times in the trailer. Furthermore, his Dream Shield will let the knight solve puzzles in more ways than what was previously available.

Amadeus' combat capability seems to be largely improved with the ability to levitate enemies straight into a hole or drop boxes on them more reliably. Furthermore, he can conjure metal balls that can roll over enemies in order to annihilate them.

All heroes' synergy seems to be improved with more focus on elemental attacks all around. Pontius now has an icy stomp that will freeze enemies in place, allowing anyone to break them. Zoya can also rope Amadeus' balls to a ceiling, at which point Pontius can come along and shield bash them to create wrecking balls.

The final chapter of the trailer showcases the various ways to play Trine 4. You can go solo by switching heroes on the fly, play co-op with friends for the maximum enjoyment or go with the Unlimited mode where up to four players can join, even though there are only three heroes.

This mode allows players to pick any combination of heroes, regardless of how many duplicates there are. You can see four Pontiuses rolling on pumpkins at 9:01 time stamp.

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