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European Union to co-fund 30 indie games including Trine 4

Published: 09:11, 12 October 2018
Screenshot of the beautiful scenery in Trine 2
Trine 2

Publishers and developers are usually the ones to announce their new games, but the folks at Frozenbyte apparently got lucky when European Union accidentally announced Trine 4 and brought a pile of free marketing for the upcoming game.

European Union has released a funding document detailing co-funding efforts for 30 indie video games, worth €3.719.720 in total. The highest funding any single game from the list achieved was €150.000 and Trine 4 by Frozenbye turned out to be among them.

Considering that Frozenbyte didn't even announce the game yet, European Union both leaked and gave it free publicity since the entire internet is buzzing about Trine 4 at the time of writing. Due to the fact that the document may have leaked privileged information, it was pulled from Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency's (EACEA) website.

On the other hand, this is the internet and it was only a matter of time when a screenshot of the document would pop up. Spanish division of Gamereactor were first to the punch, , full list of games to be funded and how much funding they would receive. The list of funded games is as follows:

  • Benjamin Lochmann New Media - Espace the Loop: Episode 1
  • Jujubee - WitchHammer
  • Bloober Team - H2O
  • Frozenbyte - Trine 4
  • REvolution Software - Parzival's Sotne VR
  • Mango Protocol - CLEM
  • Fishing Cactus - Hero of no Tale - Typing Chronicles
  • Studio Fizbin - A Minute of Islands
  • YCY - Keep Driving
  • No Code - Stranded
  • Realmforge Studios - Spacebase Startopia
  • Untold Games - City 20
  • Punch Punk - AIDA
  • Gambrinous Limited - Cardpocalypse
  • Ravn Studio - Trolle and the Magic Fiddle
  • Snow Castle - Earthlock 2
  • Apex Virtual - Knomes Cards
  • Fictiorama Studio - The Fabulous Fear Machine
  • REality Twist - Oculus Providenciae
  • Tequila Works - Lumberjack
  • Aesir Interactive - Quarantine
  • Isometric Dreams - Sunken Spectre
  • Nurogames - When I Got Lost...
  • - Townsmen Expeditions
  • Zoink AB - Roll Them Bones
  • Kong Orange - Vokabulantis
  • Simteractive Limited - Designer Life
  • Agens - The Three Little Pigs
  • Piranaking - Derby's Nightmare
  • The Pixel Hunt - The Wreck

Frozenbyte Picture of the Trine 3 protagonist looking at a ship Trine 3

Other than Trine 4, there are a few other gems that fans might recognize, such as Earthlock sequel and a game called Lumberjack from the developers of Rime, that were also not announced yet. They pretty much received exposure from EU's leak as well, but it's safe to say Trine 4 took the biggest slice of the cake.

Trine 3 was gorgeous in its own way, but we believe many fans will agree if we keep hoping that Trine 4 will go back to the series' 2D roots. More importantly, let's hope Trine 4 actually has an ending, unlike Trine 3.

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